10 DIY Zen Garden Landscaping Features for a Relaxing Backyard in Sydney

A well designed Zen garden like the Chinese Garden of Friendship, offers total relaxation, togetherness, and focus. However, not many homeowners get such an experience from their backyards. If you want to relax at home rather than visiting the spa, simply build a Zen garden.

There are many useful Zen garden ideas to choose from to make relaxing garden features. Regardless of how tight your budget might be, you can find an idea that will work for you.

japanese garden design for backyards

You can upgrade a dull backyard to make it a peaceful and relaxing haven by adding new elements. In some cases, you’ll only need to move a few things or change some elements.

Whether you desire to create some space for unwinding after a tough day at work or to convert the entire backyard space into a relaxing Zen garden, there’s a way to do it. You’ll be surprised to learn that transforming your backyard is an easy and affordable DIY project.

If you’re ready to create a little paradise in your backyard, read on through this guide for amazing Zen design ideas. Although the ideas we’ve discussed are simple, they’ll make a huge impact.

Besides assisting you to unwind, they’ll also make your home look better and increase its value.

Let’s discuss some Zen garden ideas to choose from. After all, the ideas we’ve gathered are not time-consuming. Thus, they’re great for any DIY enthusiast.

  1. Keep the Garden Simple

There are many methods of building an outstanding Zen garden. You can include several different elements into the design or leave out any elements you consider less appealing. However, don’t leave out a bench if you want a real Zen feeling.

You can also add pagoda lanterns to beautify the garden, thereby making it perfect for relaxing. Simply keep the design simple such that you won’t end up overloading your garden with excessive elements.


  1. Convert the Narrow Side of Your Backyard into a Relaxing Zen Garden

In case your yard is narrow on one side, it’ll be an ideal spot to construct a relaxing Zen garden. You’ll only need to spare some time to build the garden. It’s an easy job that’s ideal for any DIY enthusiast. Just ensure you’re using squared and even dimensions.

Turning a small yard space into an area for relaxing will be a great thing to do rather than letting the space to remain idle. It’s a job you can do over the weekend. Just get the right tools and materials to get the job done.

japanese garden with statue of Buddha

  1. Add Paths and Plants

Some of the most important elements to add in your garden to give it a real Zen look are paths and plants. It’ll help to have paths where you can walk along as you admire lush greenery. Simply use some stepping stones to make a path across the garden and add plants.

In this case, moss or other lush greenery will be your best choice. You can work on this project work over a weekend and give your backyard instant transformation into a paradise.


  1. Add Bamboo

Adding bamboo to your garden will make it feel like a true Zen garden. You can easily make a water feature with bamboo. You can also use bamboo to fence your garden. There are other creations you can make out of bamboo.

Use your creativity to make great features with bamboo. Moreover, bamboo is inexpensive. It’s also easy to work with bamboo. You’ll only need to spare a weekend to build a large water feature with bamboo.


  1. Add Moss

Moss is extremely important in the design of a basic Zen garden. Moss can be added even in the smallest Zen garden. You can plant moss along a rock or sand path. Alternatively, plant moss in containers and set them near a relaxation area.

Moreover, moss can also grow well in areas where other flowers and plants don’t. You can use moss as ground cover on areas that have poor soil. You can as well add a grass bed.


  1. Include Planting Pillars

Simple changes can have a huge impact on your backyard. You can get a Zen effect on your garden by planting tall pillars.

For instance, you can transform a dull backyard into a relaxing paradise by creating a wooden walkway that is adorned with pillar planters. Add lighting to the pillars for a brighter effect.


  1. Add a Stone Path

Create a stone path featuring wooden squares for an enhanced Zen effect on your yard. Besides, this is a simple DIY project. The available space, your budget, and preferences will determine the size of the path.

Nevertheless, the garden should at least have a path set between the plants. Also, create a small path leading to the Zen garden from the backdoor. You’ll need river rocks or stones to build the path. You can use any design you want.


  1. Sand and Rocks

Sand and gravel or rocks are essential elements of any real Zen garden. You can make your backyard have a Zen feeling by creating an area for adding sand and rocks.

Give the sand a ripple effect by raking it regularly. The ripples will resemble ocean waves for a more relaxing effect.


  1. Add Color

Color is an important element of a Zen design. However, adding tons of color will destroy the idea of a peaceful Zen garden. The right thing to do is adding a limited number of colors. Consider perennials that come with peaceful colors for a calming effect.

You can mix them with whites for more tranquility. For instance, cherry blossoms feature relaxing and gorgeous blooms. You can also consider other plants that have a color scheme like that of cherry blossoms.


  1. Add Water

Water is another important element to consider when creating a tranquil Zen garden. A simple, low lying water feature is good enough. A simple design will save you money and time.

Moreover, water has a calming effect, thereby making the garden a great place to unwind. It’s also an ideal option for a small backyard since you won’t have any mowing work to do.