Landscaping Tips to Build a Backyard Meditation Garden in Sydney

Have you ever found yourself craving to spend time in a peaceful space full of tranquility? Ever desired to have your own space for unwinding after a stressful day? If that’s the case, then you should contact a reputable landscaping Sydney company to create a private meditation garden. This type of garden offers a calming, private, and quiet space.

landscaping ideas for a zen garden in Sydney

Meditation gardens are ideal for several purposes. They also come with limitless benefits. By creating a space for spiritual retreat in your home, you’ll comfortably contemplate about life, dream, and meditate privately in the space.

The Role of Meditation Gardens

The function that the garden will offer will mainly depend on your lifestyle, needs, and personal preferences. Also, you can create a space for performing spiritual rituals or yoga. Thus, the garden should be a space where you center yourself and focus. For some, gardening within a spiritual space can be seen as meditation.

Meditation gardens come in different forms. Regardless, their main role is to offer a silent space for the renewal of the mind, soul, and body. Thus, the garden design will involve creating a sanctuary to escape to and forget your physical and emotional stresses of life. The garden should let you release any tension and anxiety from your mind and body.

Where to Build the Garden

There’re several important factors you should consider when choosing a location to construct your meditation garden. For instance, you need to think about the time you’ll be using it. Is it in the morning or in the evening? In this case, factor the sun’s position depending on the time you’ll be using the garden.

In case you think sunlight will be a problem for the garden, add shade with greenery or a canopy. Also, consider the type of seat you’ll want to have in the garden. You won’t require a lot of space when creating the garden. However, consider your comfort as a priority when designing the garden.

If you’d want to add a yoga mat or hammock in the garden, allow for enough space when designing the garden. You can as well add two luxurious chairs for yourself and your partner for meditation as a couple.

Features of a Typical Meditation Garden

You can easily make your meditation garden to adapt to the existing landscape style. Also, you should design the garden in such a way that it engages all your senses. For instance, sound plays a major role when it comes to meditation. In case there’s noise surrounding a certain space, then you can’t relax in that space. At the same time, include features that can add comforting sounds such as wind chimes, a birdbath, music, or your favorite water feature.

It’s also necessary to add scents in the space to encourage relaxation and rejuvenation. For instance, floral scents like sandalwood and lavender are very soothing.

You can also add elements that will allow your eyes to rest. In this case, consider adding natural elements such as sand, rocks, and wood. You can install stone pavers on the garden floor and around it to make it appear like there’s a mysterious path leading to a secret, undiscovered world.

Adding Greenery 

Greenery is ideal for creating an isolated space within nature. Most green shades have eye-pleasing and soft tones. Besides, green color is naturally soothing. When choosing greenery for your meditation garden, go for trees and shrubs that don’t require a lot of maintenance. Also, choose options that are extremely easy to plant. Building a haven in your outdoor space should be all about reducing stress rather than adding to it in any way whatsoever.

Also, choose plants that can thrive in all seasons. That way, you can escape to your garden at any time of the year. You can as well consider planting hedges and prune and shape them to add some visual interest. Choosing plants that are natively grown in your area will increase the chances of attracting wildlife for enhanced relaxation.

The best plants for any meditation garden include:

  • Japanese maples- They add aesthetic appeal
  • Ferns- They represent renewal and transformation
  • Evergreens- They’re great sound barriers
  • Cherry trees- You can prune them in unique styles
  • Cedar trees- They symbolize strength
  • Moss- Ideal for placing between stone pavers

Keep It Simple

A great meditation garden is the one that is logical and simple. Complicating the garden will affect its practical and artistic value.

Only choose practical elements. Also, the elements should flow logically. Consecutive elements should blend easily. Simplifying your meditation garden should include:

  • Knowing what your garden represents
  • Ensuring the space is cohesive
  • Expressing one’s spirituality in basic forms
  • Confining every component in its assigned area
  • Keeping the garden features focused and composed

If you desire to build a haven right in your backyard, then consider designing and building a peaceful meditation garden. Regardless of the kind of style you want, be it a complex labyrinth or a basic rock garden, you’ll have limitless possibilities.